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Meet Jackie Hofsink!

Hi, my name is Jackie Hofsink.  Together with my husband Ron we operate Wild Rose Crop & Cattle.  We have been farming north of Coaldale for about 35 years.  We continued farming the land here after Ron’s dad retired, having taken over from his father-in-law which makes us the 3rd generation.
How long have you been growing sugar beets? 
The Hofsink-Leffer family have been growing sugar beets for nearly 60 years and have seen a lot of change in the industry during that time.  Ron and I have been growing sugar beets our entire farming career.  Back when we took over the farm the sugar beet contract came with the land.  Ron has been involved in the industry for 50+ years and has seen all the positive changes that make it such a valuable food source for Southern Alberta.  Sugar beets are our most valuable crop but the reason we continue to grow them is because it has become a part of our lives.
Why do you farm? 
Having both grown up on a farm it was a lifestyle choice that was easy and familiar.  Both of us were raised on a farm and were taught to be good caretakers of the land.  We appreciate working hard to grow a crop.
Do you farm with family? 
Our operation currently is just a mom and pops farm.  We were blessed with 4 children who helped out in many ways as they were growing up.  They have all started their own families away from the family farm.  We are thankful that they all take the time to bring their children here to experience farm life and to have an understanding and appreciation of where their food comes from.  Our son is currently involved in dairy farming but owns a piece of land across the road, so who knows, he may still find a way to also continue the operation here.
What crops/animals do you grow/raise? 
Our primary crop is sugar beets.  We also grow wheat and sometimes flax and peas.  We have rented our land out to a potato grower as well.  It is important to rotate crops to keep the soil healthy and control disease.  We have also had a cow-calf herd in the past but currently do not raise any cattle.


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