Products that use Alberta Sugar Beets

In Canada, there is only one sugar refinery that uses sugar from Sugar Beets.  That is the Roger's Sugar Factory in Taber, AB. 
At the factory, they use sugar from sugar beets to make a few important products including sugar, molasses, and livestock feed. 
The sugar made from sugar beets can be found in a variety of forms and sizes including granulated sugar, icing sugar, and those "sweet" little sugar envelopes you use for your coffee and/or tea.  Just make sure to look for a black stamp on the bag that starts with the number 22.  This means it contains sugar made from sugar beets. We refer to it as #absugar22  For more information on the Roger's Sugar Factory, visit Lantic Inc by clicking here.  

The sugar is also used to make a variety of other products including baked goods, candies, pop, and alcohol.  Check out Back 40 Distillery who utilizes #absugar22 in their vodka.

New to the distillery scene is Skunkworks Distillery in Calgary.  Skunkworks uses #absugar22 in the production of their Moonshine.  Don't forget to give the pre-mixed cocktails a try!

Not only is the sugar used in the production of food, but there is also a company that is using the molasses from the sugar beets to make a BRUM product.  That's right, it is called BRUM as there are certain rules which will not allow them to call the product rum as it is not made from cane sugar from a specific area.  Check out Rig Hand Distillery and their product line up of BRUMS along with their Double Double Liqueur for a tasty beverage that supports sugar beet farmers in Alberta.  

Be sure to check out Troubled Monk Brewery, this Red Deer AB based company uses Alberta beet sugar in the production of their soda beverages.

Bathisserie, a great Calgary AB business uses Alberta sugar in their production of handcrafted bath bombs and artisan self care products! 

Sugar isn't just for humans either.  Our local farmers are very thankful for all of the Beekeepers across the prairie provinces who utilize sugar beet sugar to feed their bees.  We might be a little biased, but we think it makes their honey extra sweet!

If you are a company who would like to have their product on this site as you use sugar from sugar beets and support over 200 local farm families, please contact the office at (403) 223-1110.  
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