Farm Sustainability Assessment

The Alberta Sugar Beet Growers use the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) to engage farmers in assessing their environmental, social, and economic performance.  The insights enable the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers to promote sustainable agriculture through focused farm support.  Utilizing the FSA, we can assess and look for ways to improve on-farm performance.
Standard Definition
The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) is the global food and drink industry platform for developing sustainable agriculture solutions through member-driven pre-competitive collaboration.  SAI Platform works with its members and external stakeholders to catalyze change and establish sustainable agriculture as a pre-requisite for doing business throughout the food and drink industry supply chain.

The questionnaire is 112 questions covering 17 topic areas: legal compliance, financial stability, farm management, planting, soil management, nutrient management, crop protection, agro-chemicals, waste management, water management, biodiversity, air, greenhouse gas emissions, market access, labor conditions, health and safety, and local community.
The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) provides the tools and resources for the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers to work with other stakeholders across the agricultural value chain and advance together in our common goal of global sustainable agriculture practice. 
The Alberta Sugar Beet Growers are Verified FSA Silver.  This means that our sugar beets produce sugar at an FSA Silver level.  We have set this level as our standard for on-farm best management practices.  This verification does not apply solely to sugar beets, but rather our growers entire on-farm practices.

Roger’s white granulated sugar and icing sugar that have a black stamp starting with the number 22 are verified to be grown and produced in a sustainable manner.

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