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The Alberta Sugar Beet Growers is a Marketing Board that follows the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act. 
Regulation that specifically governs the Sugar Beet Industry is overseen by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in Alberta through Marketing Council. 
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Alberta Sugar Beet Growers Authorization Regulation 286/1997

Sugar Beet Marketing Plan Regulation 275/1997

Sugar Beet Production and Marketing Plan Regulation 287/1997

Alberta Sugar Beet Growers Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration Regulation 285/1997

Marketing of Agricultural Products Act

Operation of Boards and Commissions Regulation


Forms & Documents

Actively Engaged Policy:

The purpose of this policy is to provide clear parameters around the definition and verification of the actively engaged status for quota administration that the ASBG Board and staff can use.

Actively Engaged Policy

Reallocation of Permanent Quota:

Quota may be permanently reallocated/transferred from one producer to another eligible producer providing the provisions of the ASBG Marketing Regulation are complied with and the Board has approved the reallocation/transfer.

Application for Transfer
Application to Receive Transfer


Quota holders are only entitled to lease quota on terms the Board considers appropriate. As per the Sugar Beet Prroduction and Marketing Regulations, Section 22, ASBG quota holders are eligible to lease a portion of their quota.

Application to Lease Sugar Beet Quota

Leave of Absence:

ASBG believes that registered quota holders should be responsible for growing their quota on an annual basis but from time to time, there may be extenuating circumstances which make it difficult for them to grow their quota. In cases of extenuating circumstances, the ASBG Board may grant a Leave of Absence for the production year. 

Application Not to Produce and Market

Application to Grow Sugar Beets for Fodder

ASBG in 2019 issued a personal exemption policy to produce sugar beets for the sole purpose of fodder beets.  If a producer wishes
to produce sugar beets for fodder, they must apply for an exemption permit and complete the information below.

Acknowledgement of Sugar Beets Grown for Fodder

Appointment of a Representative:

ASBG understands that there are multiple business structures that a registered license holder can operate within including; sole proprietorships, joint ventures, partnerships, and corporations. Due to the complexity of these business structures, ASBG requires each registered license holder that is not a sole proprietorship to identify up to TWO representatives to act on behalf of the business unit on an annual basis as per the ASBG Marketing Plan Regulations.

Appointment of a Representative

Update Contact Information:

In an effort to utilize our financial resources more effectively and efficiently, we are starting to transition to electronic deliver for all notices and communication. As well, if any other contact information (phone number, mailing address) has changed, please use the form attached below so we can update our files accordingly.

Request to Update Contact Information


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