Next Gen Grower - Brandyn Howg

‘Next Generation Grower’ is our way of recognizing the future growers that will eventually be taking over in the agriculture community, currently working alongside their parents or other family members.

Meet Brandyn Howg!

Brandyn was raised on his family farm located in Enchant, Alberta.  Since a very young age, Brandyn has been helping on the farm in any way possible and now works on the farm full-time.  Brandyn graduated from Lethbridge College in 2020, taking courses in both auto mechanics and agricultural heavy duty mechanics to further his agricultural education.  Brandyn has learned a lot on the farm in the past 23 years, including his love for the agriculture industry and his passion towards carrying on his family's farm legacy.

How many generations has your family been involved in agriculture?  Who else in your family do you farm with?
I am the 3rd generation farmer in our family and I farm alongside my Papa (Randy Howg) and my Dad (Bryce Howg).  I have learned a lot from them, as my Papa at 73 years old, seeds and digs most of our beets.  He must be one of the oldest digger operators in the industry, watching him run a 12-row digger is neat to see.

Why did you choose farming as your career?
I love the country life and being able to grow crops for a living is my dream job.  I’m lucky to have been raised on the farm and have the opportunity to continue my family farm so I can keep doing what I love.

What crops/animals do you produce/raise?
Besides sugar beets, we grow wheat, canola, barley and peas.  We also run a cow/calf operation.

Why do you grow sugar beets?
For as long as I can remember our farm has been growing sugar beets and our farm would not be where it is at today without them.  Sugar beets have helped with the growth of our farm.

What do you think is the coolest/most interesting thing about farming?
The coolest thing about farming is the advancement in technology and GPS.  It makes farming so much easier.  For example, loading the large 850-bushel air drills with a hydraulically controlled auger.  I can’t imagine loading up the LZB hoe drills by scooping the seed out of a 3-ton truck using only a 5-gallon pail like my Papa used to do.

What is your favorite brand of tractor and why? (John Deere, Case, Fendt, New Holland, etc.).
John Deere, because it’s the only front wheel assist tractor that can pull a 12-row beet digger.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I like to put my mechanics skills to work and restore old trucks.  I also enjoy playing hockey. 

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