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Meet Wally Chontosh!

Hi, my name is Wally Chontosh and I’m a sugar beet farmer in the Taber, AB area.  I also grow barley, wheat, alfalfa, and run a cow-calf operation.  I grew up on the farm and have continued farming for my entire life.  
What chores did you have on the farm?
Growing up, we always had livestock to tend to and I was in 4-H for nearly ten years.  In the summer, we had wheel moves which kept us busy, as well as cutting, baling and hauling hay. 

How have advances in technology such as machinery, genetics or chemicals, affected your farm or competition with your farm?
The machinery is very advanced, but I actually don’t have GPS – I have the old style.  The roundup ready varieties have also really improved for growing beets.  We now have unbelievable chemical control which means way better crops.  The nutrients are going to the plants, not being wasted on the weeds, and all the water and fertilizer is used by the crop.

How do I see my role in the community?
I want to continue providing sugar beets and beef for people to eat.  This also spins-off and provides jobs for all the people working in the factories and in agriculture.



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