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Meet Kevin Veenstra!

Hi, my name is Kevin Veenstra and I operate Veenstra Enterprises.  I farm in the Taber area currently and have been farming for 22 years.
Why did you choose farming as your career?
I really enjoy all aspects of farming.  Being able to watch tiny seeds grow into edible crops is fascinating.  I love being outside and seeing wildlife.  I really enjoy operating heavy equipment.  Harvest time is a joy to participate in, the tiny seeds have become a sizable crop and then I get to harvest it.  In the off season I do a lot of marketing and repairing equipment, but I also have time to spend with my family which I enjoy.

Do you farm with family?
Yes, I farm with my dad, my uncles, my brother and one of my cousins!  I hope that one day I will be able to share my passion of farming with my son.

What crops do you grow?
We grow cereals, dry beans, seed canola, seed potatoes and sugar beets.

How long have you been growing sugar beets and when did you start?
I have been growing sugar beets “professionally” since 1998.  I was involved in growing sugar beets for the Sugar Beet 4-H Club in the early 90’s.  The club has since folded but the trophy of previous club champions is now at the ASBG office!

What do you picture the future of sugar beets looking like?
I think the future is positive.  As the only domestic produced sugar in Canada, there should be more sugar beets grown in Canada.  I think that beet acreage should expand to allow for more locally produced sugar.

What do you think is the coolest/most intersting thing about farming?
Watching seeds turn into food.  Sometimes you think that the seeds might not make it but then they amaze you and do turn into a good end product.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to golf in the summers as well as do some travelling.  I also enjoy reading and playing cards.






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