The Refining Process

 Refining Sugar Beets is a fairly simple process and happens at the Roger's Sugar Factory in Taber, AB.
                    This factory is the only sugar beet processing facility left in Canada!

  1. Sugar beets are washed to remove dirt and debris then sliced into cossettes. (Think shoe string potatoes). The cossettes are then boiled to remove the sugar and turned into juice.
  2. The juice then moves through where impurities are removed through a clarification process.
  3. The sugar in the juice is then crystallized through this clarification process and spun using large centrifuges.
  4. The sugar that has been spun out is then dried and is ready for packaging and shipping.  

Alberta Sugar Beet Growers

5220 – 50th Ave, Taber, AB
P.O. Box 4944, T1G 2E1