The ASBG Story

Did you know that Alberta is home to the only sugar that is 100% Canadian?

The sweetest part is that the Alberta Sugar Beet Growers (ASBG) represents the Southern Alberta farm families who grow sugar beets to make this 100% Canadian Product. Over 200 farm families have been growing sugar beets to help provide a sustainable and ethical source of sugar to Canadian families since 1925.  Many of these farm families go back three to four generations and are extremely passionate about growing sugar beets as it is more than a crop, it is a family tradition. 

The Alberta Sugar Beet Growers was established in 1925 in Lethbridge, Alberta.  The same time that the Canadian Sugar Factories plant was built in Raymond. As a Marketing Board, ASBG is responsible to our farm families and provides the following services and supports to help them produce a sustainable and ethical crop;
-Advocacy to all levels of government and stakeholders.
-Education about the sugar beet crop and agricultural industry.
-Administration of sugar beet quota for the growth of the crop.
-Research to develop and expand the industry
-Negotiation of pricing contracts with processor(s)

Alberta Sugar Beet Growers

5220 – 50th Ave, Taber, AB
P.O. Box 4944, T1G 2E1